Delta IV Heavy | Ariane 5 | Soyuz FG Launch Vehicle Comparison

This is a quick reference visual guide for the current (2015) family of heavy lift launch vehicles, the Ariane 5 ECA, Soyuz FG, and the Delta IV Heavy. I should have added SpaceX's current rocket as well, which I just realized would have made the boost phase composition complete.

The first infographic is the family of rockets in their boost phase in the upper atmosphere, right before engine separation and second stage ignition.

The modeling was done in 3ds Max and this took up to 80 hours for each rocket, which doesnt include rendering, which was done in Maxwell for the color and diffuse passes, and PSOFT Pencil+ to make everything more illustrative looking. I used five lighting passes and composited them in After Effects.

soyuz ariane delta launch
soyuz ariane delta side views
rocket line renderings

Did I mention that these models are for sale, individually or as group?