FUTEK New Years Campaign

This campaign and concept was created to mark the 25th anniversary of FUTEK's operations. A banner was made for their website, and a poster was made for display.

Here is a link to FUTEKs site:

This was built to look like the new years light that drops in Times Square to mark new years night. I built a geometric frame and populated it with lights.

Maxwell Renderer and After Effects

I brute forced this rendering under Maxwell. I tested the concept under V-Ray, and I liked the results, but Maxwell came out with more reliable results. The flaring effect was done under After Effects, and also I added a few more effects on this step.

The end poster as seen above was 36 x 24", which if rendered at full resolution would have been over 11,000 pixels across. Since no renderer will handle sizes like that, it's time to call in the Photoshop image resizer plug-in.