Proton Medium Launch Vehicle with 5m Fairing | ILS

I was contacted by ILS (International Launch Service) to create a new series of images for the new Proton variant, the Proton Medium that would debut at the Satellite 2019 Conference
in Washington DC. I modeled everything in 3ds Max from reference photos and blueprints, and rendered the scenes and animations with Octane. The animations were composited and finished in After Effects.

Proton Medium 5m departure launch atmosphere

Proton (Протон) is an expendable launch system used for both commercial and Russian government space launches. The first Proton rocket was launched in 1965. Modern versions of the launch system are still in use as of 2019, making it one of the most successful heavy boosters in the history of spaceflight. All Protons are built at the Khrunichev State Research and Production Space Center plant in Moscow, transported to the Baikonur Cosmodrome, brought to the launch pad horizontally, and raised into vertical position for launch.

As with many Soviet rockets, the names of recurring payloads became associated with the Proton. The moniker "Proton" originates from a series of similarly named scientific satellites, which were among the rocket's first payloads. During the Cold War, it was designated the D-1/D-1e or SL-12/SL-13 by Western intelligence agencies.

Proton M vehicle data provided by Wikipedia

This was the key ad image for the new ILS website that I thought would best tell the whole story, a shot of the Proton as it passed over Asia at night. The renderings were created in Octane, and the composition in After Effects and Photoshop

Proton launch over earth
Proton Medium Print Ad

Proton Medium Expanded Rotation Animation

Proton Medium 5m Fairing with satellite
Breeze-M rendering

A close up of the Breeze-M, in the ascent unit.

Proton Medium 5m Fairing ad campaign image
Proton Medium 3d model wireframe
Proton Medium 3d model wireframe
Proton Medium 3d model wireframe