iPad 10.9 2022

Apple Marcom CG Studio Concept Team

I was asked to join the Apple Marcom CG studio concept team for the Fall 2022 product release campaign, and I worked on this shot and several other shots over the course of several months. This shot was created for the potential for being used in third-party campaigns. The idea is that you're creating an image that can be kept and used for marketing, sort of like a stock image for Apple or Apple retailers. To my surprise, this shot was used as the first image of the Apple website, the main display at Best Buy and Target as well as T-Mobile.

The general scene setup and camera were built in Keyshot, and exported to Maya via an FBX. The scene was then modified and repositioned in Maya, and the lighting was created in Maya and V-Ray. Post for the concept shot was rendered in several layers for recoloring, re-shadowing etc. It ends up being a fairly complex shot, but allows the team whose finializing the shot easier control over edits. Each iPad was on its own layer, and had probably 30 masks.

Apple front page:  


Here you can see the scene in Keynote with the art directors notes, calling out issues and or requests, matched up against the control angles of the master iPads. Those master iPads were used as a light and shadow guide for the scene I was working on. The only change that was made was that the Apple Pencil was removed from the shot in both scenes.  

Below was the final shot I worked on before my contract expired. This shot was used also at Best Buy and was also used as the Apple twitter background shot. 

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