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I'm Brian Haeger, and I run renderspeed, a small product rendering and animation operation. Being small, I have less overhead and pass the savings on to the client. Don’t hire a special department with expensive high-end workstations for rendering and animation. Instead, hire me for your rendering and animation needs.

Product renderings and animations are seen everywhere. GoPro, Samsung, IKEA and Apple and countless other companies are using CGI in their print ads and commercials. There are major advantages for using renderings and computer generated imagery (CGI) versus traditional photography, and that is why these companies use CGI.

If you’re a company who needs animations for commercials, still images for your ad campaign, images for catalogs or point of purchase or packaging, I can begin starting today.


3d product animation can be a complex and time consuming process, of which renderspeed streamlines that process for companies such as yours. The process starts with 3d models that are prepared for animation, which often times requires reproducing special materials, mapping, painting, logos, and other special treatments. A script is requested to begin the animation process, though is not critical, would be extremely helpful. We will begin with previz animations and move onto the finished product.

After the 3d animation footage has been rendered, it's time to take it over to the editing bay for timing, polishing, and transitions. Any video file format is available, from compressed web to uncompressed broadcast formats.

If you need your product rendered for your packaging, magazines, features, instructional guides, or even billboards, Renderspeed can make that happen. No size is too large and no shape is too unusual.

If you have 3d models that need to be built, modified, reconstructed or prepared for rendering, that is never a problem. Renderspeed has a great deal of experience building models for video, very fine renderings, and manufacturing.

Let my experience in the industry work for you. I have a broad range of experience in the design industry that can be of a great value to your operations. Whether youre building a rendering server, or need advice on how to create a campaign using 3d work, I can help.

The Renderspeed Process - Product Animation and Renderings Sample Timeline

Below is a visual diagram of a typical 3d animation or rendering project which details the phases of the project, time required for each phase, and the various milestones until the point of delivery. Note, project delivery times will vary depending on the length and resolution of the animation or images needed.

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