Freelance 3D Artist

Renderspeed is Ready.

I’m Brian Haeger and I have worked in the design industry as an Industrial Designer and 3d artist for over fifteen years. Over the last ten years the need for 3d renderings and animations for commercials, packaging, websites and displays has only increased. To meet that need, I started Renderspeed, a small product rendering and animation operation geared towards companies who would like to give renderings as try.

Product renderings and animations are seen everywhere. GoPro, Samsung, IKEA and Apple and countless other companies are using 3d renderings and animations in their print ads and commercials. There are major advantages for using renderings and computer generated imagery versus traditional photography, for example, speed of image turnaround, lighting and style changes, unlimited resolution variables, complex camera positions and movements, reduction of time in retouching, etc.

If you’re a company who needs animations for commercials, still images for your ad campaign, images for catalogs or point of purchase or packaging, I can begin starting today.

Client List

Apple - MARCOM / Ametek / Neato Robotics / ClearCorrect Straumann Group / 75f / ILS International Launch Service / Institute of Medical Aesthetics / San Francisco Water and Power / Discovery Channel / Huffington Post / Scaled Composites / Keeper Security / The Directors Bureau + Roman Coppola / FUTEK Advanced Sensor Technology / Uppercase Design / Learningtree International / Busan National Science Museum South Korea / General Atomics DIII-D / Nokia / Sony SCEA / ROHM Semiconductor USA / Benchmark FR Clothing / Wesport Lighting / Santangelo Lighting & Design, & more.